Estonia Coastline hike 1000km

Estonia Coastline hike 1000km

15 Jul 23:30 - 16 Jul 00:30 - Tartu
Tartu, Estonia

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Leave your comfort zone and join our 2018 through - hike challenge along the scenic Estonian coastline. Experience loads of fresh forest and seaside air, hundreds of swimming opportunities and test your navigation, camping, survival and hiking skills.

Participation fee ~30 eur. (registration opens 2018 spring)
Schematic map, badges, sauna and event t-shirt included.

The event is part of our team training for future European and international expeditions to some of the most remote and unexplored locations around the world. Registration is open to the public, however, participants are expected to be able to hike independently, provide their own supplies and equipment.

You can shorten the distance or join us in one of the checkpoint cities (We'll update our progress during the hike on our event page here and Instagram )
If you hike separately from our group, we can mail you the badges from each completed checkpoint after the hike.

#canyouhikeit2018 15.07. - 25.08.
Tartu (start) - Narva (200km) - Tallinn (600km) - Pärnu (800km) - Ainaži (finish) Approximate daily distance 20 - 40km.

Our group will hike mostly during the evening, night and early morning hours and rest throughout the day.
Prefered camping style - bivouacking (tents can get quite heavy)
Transportation to and from the event is self-organized.

Route and distance can change depending on the situation.
For more information, questions, meetups and further details, join Estonia coastline trail participants group Estonia Coastline Trail 2018 #ECT18 and see you in our other events here:

Matijs 00 371 25925972
Andra, 00 371 26368790

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