Transition Talents Camp Estonia: Smart Cities & Industry 4.0

Transition Talents Camp Estonia: Smart Cities & Industry 4.0

27 Nov 09:00 - 12:00 - Tallinn
Tallinn, Estonia

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Transition Talents Program by Green ID
Training Camps on Young Entrepreneurship & Culture

-- Apply to our Summer Camp Now!
We accept mainly 2 groups of candidates.
Students: MSc students and BSc students on their 4th or 5th year.
Young Pro's: PhD's, freelancers & professionals (entry level / junior with at least 1 year of working experience).

Academic background: any business or technical field

Recommended age: from 21 to 35 yrs old

-- This Event info
Dates: 27 to 29 November, 2017
Location(s): Tallinn
International Entrepreneurship Themes:
+ Smart Cities & Industry 4.0 (incl. logistics and port innovation)
+ Doing Business in Estonia, Baltics & EU

-- Participation Fees
Students: EUR 355,-
Young Pro's: EUR 545,-

What every participant gets:
+ Participation in Transition Talents Traning Camp sessions
+ Learning Materials, Workshops, Master Class & Pitch Training.
+ individual accomodation in an green or smart hostel
+ 3 meals per day: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
+ transport between training locations and excursions

What students get:
+ Transition Talents study certificate on 30 hours on experiential education in the form of mentorship, masterclass, practical work and excursions. Focus on Learning & Testing: Bring an idea to business

What Young Pro's get:
+ Green ID Executive Coaching: 2 hour individual session for direct feedback on your business plan or valorization of your technology with a focus on internationalisation. Focus on Co-creating & Validating: Bring a business plan to take concrete actions

-- Discounts and Grants
Transition Talents currently is not supported by grants or sponsors - other than Green ID. We may offer special discounts for selected participants from student competitions sponsored by Green ID; and referralls from fellow startup founders.
Our early bird discounts:
EUR 50,- 1 month before T3x Camp Day 1
EUR 70,- 3 months before T3x Camp Day 1
EUR 100,- 6 months before T3x Camp Day 1

-- Transition Talents Training (T3x) Camps

Develop your technology based business idea on green innovations, smart cities, sustainable tourism or industry 4.0!

Transition Talents Training (T3x) Camps are week-long experiential learning sprints focused on bringing together young, aspiring and new entrepreneurs from diverse countries to develop technology based business ideas that can create a positive, green impact together with local startup communities.

At Green ID, we believe that young people should develop the skills and connections to make a difference at every startup or corporate innovation project where internationalisation is key for sustainable growth. For us, international entrepreneurs with cross-cultural & technology-to-business interpretation skills are interpreneurs who can seamlessly connect people and technology by building cultural bridges. We promote "interpreneurship" as a skill for the sustainable business of tomorrow.

Transition Talents Training is based on experiential learning by doing it yourself, as an entrepreneur would face a real business case with potential to do business for good and create green impact. Apply to this unique cross-cultural startup bootcamp experience to test yourself and find out if you are ready start your own business or work together with startups or corporates. Use our T3x Camps as our international innovation career compass during a week!

-- T3x Camp Agenda
We usually provide 4 full training days; yet this edition has 3 days.
+ Discover international business with our "Green UP Challenge"
+ Get Executive Training with our "E+ Culture GrowthCamp"
+Compete in our lean & global startup competition "Green iHackaton" to win a 3-month traineeship placement in Amsterdam!

Green ID is an international entrepreneurship support organization with the mission to lower barriers for entrepreneurs and innovators.
We are founded in Holland & made in Mexico.

Green ID develops internationalisation programs, collaborative bridges, digital tools and open initiatives for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

Our team of Green ID Partners are experts and entrepreneurs who bring together diverse technical & business backgrounds, cultures, generations and roughly 60 years of combined experience in business development for sustainable innovations, supply chain management, export, technology transfer, innovation funding and international cooperation. We are active in Europe and Latin America.

Grow your technology venture with green and global impact.
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