Magic Tantric Ritual by Lin Holmquist

Magic Tantric Ritual by Lin Holmquist

15 Jul 10:00 - 19:00 - Tallinn
City Yoga Studio

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Magic Tantric Ritual by Lin Holmquist in Tallinn 15th of July

Welcome to a magic day, full of deep insights, blissful connections and powerful manifestations. In classic tantra, the sacred union and the blissful state is the most powerful tool for creation and manifestation. I science we talk about neurological states and it is true that certain vibrations has a stronger power to move your inner world to the outer world ad to consciously manifest your dreams.

During the workshop we will first get to know each other and share our boundaries, our wishes and our fears. We will create a safe space for all of the group.

We will then start to increase the sensitivity in the body by tantric massage and surrendering techniques.

After we became sensitive, we learn how to direct the physical sensations to the pleasure center of the brain and we learn to relax in to a multi orgasmic state. The workshop ends with a long magic ceremony where you work in groups or together with the partner you came with.

To this workshop you can come alone or with a partner. We will change partners sometimes, and work in small groups sometimes, and it is possible to stay with the partner you came together with the whole workshop if you like. You can choose to be fully dressed, in
underwear or naked during the different ceremonies and at all times you can choose not to participate if you feel like. Holding space for a ceremony that you don’t feel like participating in is equally powerful.

This workshop includes high intensity of sexual energy.

Lin Holmquist

Lin started her spiritual journey early in life. With her home deep in the swedish forests it was natural to her to find the shamanistic path and to learn how to listen to the animated life in the wilderness in the woods. After finding a lot of healing in yoga, her journey turned to India where she studied yoga, therapy and tantra with scholars, nuns and mystics for a few years. She is also educated in NLP, massage, she is a doula (spiritual midwife) and nutritionist. The journey of yoga brought her i deep contact with the science of the body, breath and movement but it was not until she found the practise of tantra that she really found her deep truth.

Tantra led to a powerful awakening of kundalini. A journey that made her change her view on life from doing to being. From performing to receiving. After kundalini awoken her path has been the path of her true hearts calling.

Lin now works world wide with big events like the tantra festival at Ängsbacka, deep trainings, smaller workshops and individual healing sessions.

Lins dream is to wake up in a world of peace – and her truth is that peace can not be created trough resistance of war. Peace can only be created trough love and the world needs a revolution of love – right now. That revolution starts with YOU!


Workshops will be led in English and translated to Estonian.

15th July 2018
City Yoga Studio, Niine 11, Tallinn
Sunday 10.00-19.00

until 15 June 100€
Later on 125 €

Price includes prepayment (25 €) , which we ask you to pay transfer (see below), the remaining amount will be paid cash on site.

Registration: and transfer prepayment 25 € (non-repayable) Loomenaudingurõõm OÜ EE112200221056382849, Please indicate “magic” and participant’s name on the payment.

Further information: or +372 524 0468

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