GEN Training of Trainers

GEN Training of Trainers

16 Jul 09:00 - 20 Jul 16:00 - Rae

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Warmly welcome to the first ever GEN Training of Trainers - An opportunity to empower the ecovillage movement by strengthening your capacity to teach, facilitate and train people using GEN’s unique tools and ecovillage based pedagogy.

With Kosha Joubert and Anna Kovasna.

Offering new skills, deeper knowledge of the global ecovillage movement, and a welcome to a growing community of GEN Trainers, we hope to boost your inspiration and increase your confidence as a changemaker and educator – so that you can enable others to design their own pathways to a regenerative future.

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Taking part in the training means you…

* Qualify to apply to be a GEN Trainer *

- Gain the opportunity to run GEN trainings and make your work part of the Global Ecovillage Learning Journey. As a certified GEN Trainer, you will become part of a growing community of individuals passionate about facilitating hands-on positive transformation, using the framework of whole systems thinking and participatory design that is at the heart of the ecovillage movement.

* Learn creative ways to teach and facilitate using the Ecovillage Design Principles and Cards *

- Practice working with the Ecovillage Design Principles and Cards to inspire action, encourage whole-systems thinking, facilitate regenerative community design, and teach sustainability in innovative ways.
- Become increasingly skilled in catalysing communities for a regenerative world, inviting them to design their own Ecovillage Development Plan.

* Develop your skills as a facilitator of participatory and transformative learning *

- Share best practices for preparing and delivering ecovillage-based workshops
- Learn how to skillfully create inspiring, open and cocreative training environments.
- Gain a deeper understanding of yourself as a trainer, and how to use your unique skills and personality as a facilitator of transformative learning
- Increase your capacity to present ecovillages as a solution to the world’s most pressing challenges

* Deepen your understanding of Ecovillage Development as a powerful grassroots strategy to achieve the Paris Climate Agreement and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals *

- Increase your impact by situating GEN, Ecovillage Impact, and your work as a GEN Trainer in wider frameworks for positive change.

We look forward to working with you!

- Dates: July 16 to July 20, 2018 – in the same place and right after The Wisdom of Conscious Communities 2018 GEN Europe Conference. A great opportunity to attend both!

- Training fee: £220 – Normal price; £175 – students, unemployed, low income; £130 – Friends of GEN, GEN Ambassadors, EDE Trainers

- Food: £115 for 5 days full board (July 16 – 20)

- Accommodation: Tent – free; Dormitory – £13/night; Double room £35/night.

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